Our Services



Routine Care


We take pride in providing a comprehensive treatment including nail care, reduction of any hard skin and personalised individual foot care advice. Common problems we treat include:

Nail problems

Dry / Hard skin

Corns /Callous

Fungal nails

Ingrowing toe nails

Athletes Foot


Heel or forefoot pain

Flat Feet




Foot Pain Clinic (click here for page)


Foot and heel pain is a condition which can make life miserable - whether your a keen sports person or just wanting to be free of the discomfort. There are many conditions which can lead to foot pain and so a thorough assessment is required. This can include a full foot and ankle examination, checking your general health and looking at your daily life. At the clinic we can assess your feet and offer you a treatment plan to relieve the problem.

Nail Problems


We offer treatment and advice for a range of nail problems such as fungal nails and can undertake nail surgery to remove ingrowing toe nails. This is performed painlessly under a local anaesthetic. Please ask our podiatrists for further information.

Orthotic Prescription


We are able to offer a range of orthoses to suit your need. From prefabricated to semi-bespoke and fully custom made orthoses.



Routine clinic: £32 (30 mins)

Nail care, corns, callus, fungal nails, veruccas etc

(30 mins)

Nail cutting service: £25 (20 mins)

Nail cutting only appointment

Foot and ankle pain clinic: £55 (50 mins)

Bio-mechanical assessment

Orthotics casting (if required)

(50 mins)


Pre-fab: £30-£40

Semi-custom: £60

Fully bespoke: £150 - £250


Fungal nail test: £40

Home visits: £40

Nail cutting service

We provide a nail cutting only service for those who just find it difficult to get to their feet or find their nail too hard to cut. 

Home Visits


We provide a home visiting service for patients who are housebound in the Highcliffe and surrounding areas. Please ask for further information.


For an appointment, please call

01425 277 505